iPad Pressure Too Much To Bear

Once pre-order for the iPad was announced by Apple on March 12th, I have been going through a mental tennis match between Buy and Don’t Buy.

Don’t Buy was hanging in there even with a number of net cords and close calls on the base-line. But alas, Buy’s over-powering ground attack interlaced with brilliant returns and an extraordinarily high percentage of first serves finally won the day.

I clicked the fateful “Place Order” button at the Apple Online Store for a 64 GB iPad + 3G. There’s no sense in half-measures at this point. In for a penny, in for a pound as they say

I was finally won over by Accessibility options which will include the ability to apply ┬áthe Mac OS Text-To-Speech to audibly “read” eBooks. My enjoyment of books has been quelled in the past due to my low vision, but this feature looks as though reading anywhere can now be available to me once again.

I already anticipate enjoying the iPad interface just as much or more than I do my iPhone 3G. Again, the basic Accessibility features in the iPhone OS make this the first mobile phone I have been able to effectively use. These same capabilities when applied to the iPad will most certainly increase my enjoyment of the ever-increasing world of information and technology.

I made a brief foray into the world of Netbooks with the HP Mini 110, but I had to finally admit that the small laptop form factor just did not work with my vision issues. The iPad will provide that “not quite a laptop” device that will give me the basics of web, email, eBooks and multimedia. The HP found a good home with a family member. The iPad will stay right here with Poppa.

Now the wait begins. The iPad+ 3G models are scheduled to ship by the end of April. Hmmmm, what time is it now?