My iPad 3G Is Here

On Friday, April 30th, the doorbell rang a little after noon. Standing at my front door was a smiling Fed Ex employee with his electronic sign-in  device in one hand and my iPad 3G in the other.

I gladly accepted the long-awaited delivery and moved to my office. No “un-boxing” videos for me. I pulled out the trusty letter opener and released the contents of the parcel, hooked the iPad up to iTunes, registered the device and loaded the plethora of apps I had been storing for just such a day.

Over the ensuing weekend, I explored a number of iPad features and apps. One of the first things I did was to test Wi-Fi performance on my wireless home network between the new iPad and my iPhone 3G.

Wi-Fi Performance

iPad Network Stats

For the test, I used the SpeedTest app and positioned myself at the opposite end of the house as far from the wireless router as possible.

The wireless signal strength was similar between the iPad and iPhone with the iPhone showing a few dBs better than the iPad.

iPhone Network Stats

However, network performance was markedly better on the iPad as shown in the stats.

While wireless signal strength fluctuated on both the iPad and iPhone, the strength readings between the two devices remained relatively constant. I had no “drop-outs” with either device.

I also noted that the iPad consistently (as in always) retrieved incoming mail first before my iPhone or my Mac Pro desktop.

3G Performance

Prior to returning to work on Monday, I signed up for a month of 3G service with AT&T. While I haven’t had time to capture similar network stats for 3G performance, I do have some anecdotal observations.

In general, the iPad 3G displayed a solid 4 bars in the vicinity of my office while the iPhone 3G struggled to achieve 1-2 bars, mostly 1.

And, on yes, on a side note. I do wish the keyboard supported a native white on black mode without having to set the entire iPad color scheme to white on black via the Accessibility feature. The white on black mode provides a much easier typing experience. I an currently working around this shortcoming by associating the white on black Accessibility feature with the Home button Triple-Click action. Maybe Apple will hear my plea and provide the capability is a future software update.

More data to follow as more testing is done.