iPad 2 On The Way

I succumbed to the pressure and clicked the “Buy” button at the Apple Online Store last weekend. The predicted ship date was listed at 4-5 weeks giving me an anticipated ship date of APril 25th.  I noticed today that Apple updated the ship date to April 21st. Hopefully, the date will creep even closer.

As with last year’s model, I ordered the 64 GB AT&T 3G model.

One disappointment is that my new ZAGGmate and iPad 2 are not compatible from a storage point of view. Since my chief use of the ZAGGmate is for it’s excellent bluetooth keyboard and not as a case, I will continue to use the case. Plans are for my original iPad to find a new home. The ZAGGmate will no doubt tag along.

More later when the iPad 2 arrives.