Great Expectations. Poor Results.

In April of this year, I purchased the Cropmark LMP Bluetooth Keypad.  The configuration of the device allowed the keypad to mate with the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard. Lack of a dedicated keypad was the only shortcoming for the Apple keyboard so the Cropmark appeared to be a useful solution to this problem.

After two months of use, I am close to declaring “I give up” with the unit. ┬áThe issues I have encountered include


  • Intermittent loss of pairing with my Mac Pro
  • Lack of response to key presses
  • Lagging response to key presses
  • Over zealous response to key presses (when I tap the “1” key, I only want one digit, not 15 or 20).

The final blow occurred tonight when the keypad once again lost pairing, but would not pair again, would not retain a powered on mode, etc. I did some standard troubleshooting; replaced the batteries, rebooted the Mac Pro, all ending with the same result. Use of the keypad just should not be this difficult.

I contacted the merchant via their Customer Service e-mail, but I don’t know that I would accept a replacement device or not. My experience with this one has been most painful.

It is difficult to give up on something you want so much to succeed.