The Magic is Gone from my TrackPad

Last August 7th, i proclaimed the arrival of my Apple Magic TrackPad. And, I have been happily gesturing away since that day; until today.

Over the last two days, the TrackPad had become increasingly erratic ;

  • Inconsistent cursor movement
  • In and out detection of gestures.

At first, I wondered if the recent update to Lion 10.7.1 was the culprit since the behavior seemed to coincide with the update, but, this evening, when I touched the TrackPad surface to wake up my computer, nothing happened. Clicking the TrackPad still worked, but the mouse cursor did not respond.

Applying due diligence, I removed the TrackPad from the Mac Pro and paired it with my MacBook. Ah yes, the TracPad has gone to another place, hopefully a better world that the surface of my desk.

The TrackPad turned into Pad just after the warranty period. Don’t misunderstand, I have suffered through failures of various electronic devices in the past; a number occurring just after the warranty period, but, I must admit, this is not the norm for Apple devices.

I now find my Magic Mouse is just not the same. I can’t even find a mouse pad in the house. I will be visiting Best Buy tomorrow afternoon. Will I walk out the a new TrackPad or a new mouse pad…. Perhaps both…bone burned you know.