Amazon Is Waiting for the Shoe

The long anticipated refresh of the Amazon Kindle lineup has finally been announced.  Amazon is venturing further into the Tablet Universe with the increased offerings in the Kindle Fire selection.

The original Kindle Fire has undergone a small refresh and a price drop from the $199 price point to $159.

The Kingle Fire HD has been added to the mix with both a 7″ and 8.9″ form factor. In a fashion similar to iPad, there are multiple configurations available.

Kindle Fire Model Price Point Description
Kindle Fire (Original) $159 Price drop from $199
Kindle Fire HD 7″ $199 16 GB
$299 32 GB
Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ $299 16 GB
$359 32 GB
$499 32 GB with LTE
$599 64 GB with LTE

Amazon is aggressively pricing the AT&T LTE with a 12-month service offering for $50 which provides a 250 MB/month data plan. Apple, please make a note of this.

The original Kindle Fire was not marketed as a direct competitor for the iPad, but the new Kindle Fire HD is. In fact, the Amazon site provides a price comparison between the LTE-capable Kindles and the iPad 3.

But, there is still a shoe out there looming over the new Kindles in the form of the rumored iPad mini which is “scheduled” for an announcement ¬†perhaps as early as October of this year.

The fear is that an aggressively priced iPad Mini may suck all the air out of the room. But, both the iPad and iPad Mini may need to consider the AT&T LTE plans offered with the Kindle Fire HD. Amazon appears to have a shoe of it’s own.

Only time will tell. The Kindle Fire HD is a real product. The iPad mini is still just a rumored glint in the eye of Apple.


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