In Search Of … a Better Keyboard

In my last two posts, I reported on my progress in fielding my new MacBook Air 2013 as a desktop machine. One of the challenges I encountered was the selection of a keyboard. For a period of time, my desk was cluttered with two keyboards; one for the MacBook Air (Apple Wireless) and one (Logitech K750) for my previous desktop (2006 Mac Pro).

The use of two separate keyboards was less than ideal. It soon dropped to one keyboard. My daughter had a need for a keyboard so off went my trusty Apple Wireless.

I then used the K750 for both desktops by switching the wireless USB dongle from one desktop to the other. This worked, but it was less than ideal. Who am I kidding? I was looking for a reason to buy a new keyboard.

In stepped the Logitech K811 Easy Switch Bluetooth keyboard. The keyboard provides the ability to pair with up to three separate devices and provides a set of three buttons to quickly select the device. The K811 form factor was similar to  the Apple Wireless and supports both Mac and Apple iOS. Logitech has a similar model for those Windows users as well. The Mac version provides the standard set of Mac/iOS keys. The typing experience is excellent. I also appreciate the black chiclet style keys with white lettering (easier for me to find a not often used key).

The best thing is that the keyboard supports three devices. I am using only 2/3 of the keyboard’s potential.  Hmmm… perhaps another desktop.

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