The Ravages of iOS 8

I guess I expected it. Even though i hoped it wouldn’t happen.

On Septemer 17th, I, like many others, downloaded and installed the latest iOS offering (iOS 8) on my iPhone 5s, my iPad mini Retina, and my iPad 3.

I expected some glitches to occur with some apps. For example, I had to delete and reinstall the Audigle app on my iPad mini. I did not expect to suffer issues related to basic system capabilities.

iPad mini

  • Multitask Gestures – I didn’t realize how much I used the 5 finger pinch to dismiss an app and the 4 finger up to show the list of running apps. Not working.
  • Zoom – iOS 8 has a new Zoom window. You can configure the Zoom to be the standard full screen or the Zoom Window. Zoom Window displays a wire frame outline showing you what portion of the screen will zoom in/out. Don’t want to use Zoom Window, but it keeps activating even though I am not selecting the feature. Most annoying.
  • VoiceOver – I use voiceOver qujite a lot to scan though different feeds in the Flipboard app. Prior to the update to iOS 8, I could “flip” to the next or previous page of articles using three fingers. Now all I get is a beep. In order to move to the next page, I have to disable VoiceOver (3 presses of the Home button), swipe left or right to move to the desired page, then re-enable VoiceOver. Most annoying.
  • 3rd Party Keyboards – One of the iOS 8 features I anticipated the most was the addition of 3rd party keyboards that could be used system wide. I downloaded 4 contenders; SwiftKey, Swype, Fleksy and TouchPal. I select the keyboard I wantm but the selection does not stick. i do not know what triggers the “switch back”, but when I wake the device up, when the keyboard appears, it is the Apple keyboard and not the 3rd party keyboard. Perhaps this is user error in that there is some magic checkbox that needs selecting.
  • Spotlight Search – Spotlight search still works, but in landscape mode, the keyboard appears on the right of the screen in a Portrait mode configuration.

iPad 3

  • Zoom – I don’t use the iPad 3 too much anymore, but there is a definite problem with Zoom functionality. I noted it when attempting to install iOS 8. When, after a number of hard resets, I got to the “Hello” window, all I could see was a very large “Hel” on the right side of the screen. Try as I might, the three finger double tap would not correct the issue. After a number of reset attempts, the “Hello” window appeared as normal. Now when I activate Zoom (three finger double tap), I have to pull down with three fingers to zoom in. This is the exact reverse of the expected interface; push up to Zoom In and pull down to Zoom out. This reversal would be a mild annoyance in itself, but the Zoom function is not stable. The amount of Zoom is not controllable. It takes many attempts to Zoom in or Out.

Others share some of the problems listed here. Here’s hoping Apple has a quick turn around with an 8.0.1 patch to address these issues.