Apple, the Touch Is Gone. Third Party Rescue?

Apple has claimed for years now that a touch screen has no place as part of a laptop or desktop setup. In the last updates for the Apple laptop line, this denial of touch seems to be lessening with the inclusion of a “Touch Bar” to the high-end MacBook Pro models.

The Touch Bar, however seems to be more of a gimmick that falls far short of the “Touch” experience the customer wants.

In a recent post on my TechnoBabble blog,  I lamented the failure of Apple to maintain it’s position as “King of Touch”; a prominent position it pioneered with the introduction of the iPhone and iPad. Even I abandoned the Apple brand this Christmas with the purchase of a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Thanks Santa!

Now a 3rd-party solution appears to be filling the gap. The AirBar may find a welcoming customer pool for we Mac owners desiring the Touch experience.  I await the availability of the 13.3″ AirBar to support my MacBook Air.

But this does not let Apple off the hotseat. The company needs to realize that the iPad Pro is a poor substitute for a 2-in-1 experience like the Surface Pro.  I would prefer an iPad-like device with true productivity features; USB, microSD card and mini DisplayPort support.

Will it ever happen? Not with the current attitude at the top of Apple. Maybe after a few quarters of falling profits the message may sink in as in “consider the customer. Thinner and lighter can only go so far”.