When is Good Enough Good Enough?

My last iPhone purchase was the iPhone 6 Plus back in March,  2015. Late in 2017, I began to notice a drop off in performance and battery life.

My first thought was “I need a new iPhone.”, but, after further review, I determined that I would try a battery replacement instead.

The key component in the “review” was the use of the Coconut Battery app to measure my iPhone battery health. Within the app metrics, I saw that my phone’s battery capacity was diminished substantially and the number of charging cycles was nearly 500 which far outpaces the 200-300 advertised for the normal life span of the battery.

In January of this year, I took my phone to a local Apple repair service U Break I Fix.  Twenty minutes and $70 later, I walked out with a “new” iPhone. The performance was back. The battery was back.

Now, as to question of when is good enough good enough? The technology gene in my DNA calls for a new iPhone each time a new one hits the market. The last episode was the recent release of the Big Red One. The frugal side argues that the new iPhone doesn’t give you features that meet the “replacement threshold”.

Now I know the “replacement threshold” is a subjective measure which differs for each individual. The “threshold” is very sensitive to the usage model each person has for the device. My “threshold” has changed over time; drifting from a technology-based measure to a frugal-based measure.

For now, I am not sold on the form factor and function of the iPhone X. And the iPhone 8 Plus is better than my iPhone 6 Plus, but not to the point that I need to replace current function with updated function.

I am anticipating the next few months when the numerous iPhone rumors solidify into reality. What is most intriguing is the adoption of larger screen sizes. At that point, a reassessment may result in a new iPhone, but, for now, Good Enough is definitely Good Enough.