What Will January 27th Bring?

The long-awaited Apple (Tablet?) event arrives on Wednesday, January 27th.

Apple will remove the paint splotches and unveil the product (s) that have fueled the flames of speculation for months.

The question remains, can Apple possibly live up to the hype that has been growing to what seems to be an unattainable level.

A number of rumors have settled on 4 basic items.

  • The Apple Tablet (I still hope for the rebirth of iBook)
  • iPhone OS 4.0
  • iPhone Next Generation
  • iLife 2010

After the Tablet, one of the other three might make the “one more thing” category, but I believe the show will center around the Tablet and the Tablet OS.

As Paul Harvey used to proclaim…”Stand by for News!”.

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