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iPad as Laptop? Workflow Issues

iPad as Laptop
iPad as Laptop

I have, from time to time, made the attempt to re-task my iPad as a productivity device; my “not a laptop” laptop.

After going through many keyboard configurations (ZAGG, Logitech, Apple, etc.) and any number of productivity apps (Pages, Numbers, KeyNote, Docs TO Go to name a few), I have finally accepted that the iPad is just not a laptop replacement for me.

This is not to say that the iPad could not be used by others for that purpose. The hurtle that I cannot seem to clear is the workflow issues. The sandboxing of the different apps make it difficult for me to achieve the level of productivity I need. Too many years of “drag and drop” between applications I guess.

The iPad can be used as a laptop stand-in for at times, and, with the introduction of iOS 8, perhaps the software is moving into a new phase that would provide more of the workflow model I use.

But, for now, I will use my MacBook Air for the brunt of my mobile work and relegate the iPad to it’s rightful place as an outstanding media consumption device.

Then again, there is a hint of an iPad Pro. Hmmm….


Please Sir…Can I Have Another?

Three versions of the Apple Tablet have been release and I have purchased each 64 GB/AT&T/Wi-Fi model  on pre-order.

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

When the iPad 2 arrived, the original iPad went to live with my youngest daughter. Being an Apple aficionado, like myself, I knew the old iPad would find a loving home and a useful life.

Over the past year, the iPad 2 served me well, both at home, work and play; mostly play. As the launch date for the new iPad approached, I suffered through the “buy/not buy”  struggle. Perhaps “suffer”” and “struggle” are a bit strong. I thought about it…once…briefly…I think.

The new iPad arrived in all of it’s retina display glory. The plan was to pass the iPad 2 along to my wife. She was laboring along with an old Dell laptop running ancient Windows.

That lasted until my wife and I visited said daughter in April. Soon after, the iPad 2 made it’s way to my daughter and the original iPad continued it’s useful existence in the hands of her roommate. My wife an I returned home, sans iPad 2. She moved back to the old Dell laptop, the dog ate the Backspace key off the laptop keyboard and we arrived at the service department at a local Ford dealership the Friday before Memorial Day. (One of those whirlwind re-cap scenes in the movie)

Box of a recently purchased white iPad 2.

As we waited for the crew to complete the maintenance, my wife leaned over and whispered, “I need an iPad. One that you won’t give away. And I want White, not Black.”.  We arrived home that day with a newly serviced automobile and a White iPad.

I need to begin planning for next year.



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The Case for iPad

As noted last weekend, I made a journey to a local Apple Store to experience the iPad first hand. I can only hope that my iPad 3G hurries it’s way home and arrives in the next two weeks. I’m hoping for an April 24th arrival time.

When I placed my original order, I added a couple accessories, namely, the iPad Dock and the iPad VGA adapter. I did not order a case.

While wandering around the Apple Store, I noticed a number of 3rd party sleeves which appeared to be 10.1″ netbook cases relabeled for the iPad. I also noticed several of the Apple iPad folding cases hanging in the display. I almost bought one of the Apple cases, but didn’t, thinking I can pick it up anytime between now and when the iPad arrives.

This weekend, I visited a local Best Buy and a different Apple Store. Both were out of Apple iPad cases and did not know when the next delivery would arrive. Knowing that I needed a case, I took out my trusty iPhone and placed an order at the online Apple Store. As with my iPad, the delivery is noted as late April.

But is the Apple iPad case the definitive carry accessory for the iPad. I have read some reviews that felt the case was overpriced and uninspired by Apple standards. I know that I do not want a “sleeve”  case, but more of a folio/book style preferably with the tilt angle capabilities of the Apple iPad case.

Any ideas?

The iPad is Here!

It’s not really an earthshaking headline. Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past two months, you probably already know that today, Saturday, April 3, 2010 is the official release date for the new Apple tablet.

Today’s iPad release is limited to the WiFi-only model with the 3G-enabled version coming out later this month. As noted in a previous post, I opted for the 3G model so my release date has not yet arrived.

Even so, I could not resist traveling to the Apple Store at the Altamonte Springs, FL mall this afternoon to see what the “buzz wuz”.  I fully expected to see a line of people slowly working their way into the store a few customers at a time. The velvet rope was there, but no line was there. I had timed my arrival for one hour after the pre-order period that ended at 3:00.

Inside the store, it was very easy to detect where the iPad display was located. You couldn’t see the device, but a crowd of people about 2 or 3 deep was in the front right quadrant of the store surrounding something of interest. Since I didn’t hear the sounds of a fist fight or other disturbance, I assumed that this was the iPad table.

Yes it was. I waited patiently for about 10-15 minutes until I finally wormed my way to the table’s edge. There it was, the iPad. No longer was it a JPEG image on a web page or a video on Apple’s web site. It was an actual”pick it up in your hands” device.

I took a quick 5 minute spin around the iPad, sampling features such as iBooks, Safari and Mail. The iPad display was amazing. The iPad responded immediately to taps and swipes. Having used the iPhone since it was first released in June 2007, the iPad User Interface (UI) was a comfortable fit. Unlike the anticipated lag of the iPhone, movements such as pinch and zoom  were “instantly” (nothing is really instant in the world of computers) rendered by the iPad. graphics engine.

I sampled two iPhone games; NBA Live and Madden NFL 10. I could quickly see that the iPad will be a great device for gamers.

I am most excited with iBooks. With my visual difficulties, the reading of books has waned over the years. With the use of the Voiceover function within iPad, I will now be able to resume a “read anywhere” life style by letting the iPad read to me.  I was also favorably surprised at the ability to set different font sizes which allowed me to read the text.

I grudgingly surrendered my position at the table to a lady standing behind me. I left the store and opened my iPhone to check some early reviews. Even though I had used the iPad for a few minutes only, the iPhone now felt a little cramped by comparison.

I am now downloading selected iPad apps in preparation for the arrival of my iPad in late April. Late April…. that seems so far away.

iPad? First Thoughts

I was hoping that Apple  (Steve Jobs) would resurrect the iBook moniker as the name of the new Apple Tablet, but this was not to be. Apple did, however, revive the use of the name for the eBook feature to be rolled out with the device. A few crumbs to be thankful for.

OK, let’s get past the obvious rolling of the eyes and hushed snickers that “iPad” bring to mind (Thanks Madd TV) and move onto my first impressions.

Features I like

  • The Price
  • The User Interface
  • 3G as an option, not a requirement
  • 64 GB version
  • iPhone App compatibility
    A lot of personal investment here.
  • iWork Apps
    A first glimpse at new iPad-specific applications.
  • Full sized virtual keyboard
  • Bluetooth device support
  • The accessories
  • Oh yes, the Price

Features it needs

  • A Video-capable CAMERA!
    Apple, what are you thinking? I want to Skype, video chat, etc. I think I need a CAMERA for this.
  • Multi-tasking
    I had visions of running multiple iPhone Apps each in their little iPhone App widget container. I could then copy and paste to my heart’s content. (Hopefully, this will show up for the iPad and iPhone in a later OS update)
  • Multiple User Support
    I don’t want to buy a separate iPad for my wife to use, just let me add her as a user. I also want a “Guest” account where the user I lend the iPad to can do little or no harm (unless he drops it on the floor)
  • SD Card support
    I know there’s a plug-in SD Card adapter, but the tech specs seem to indicate that all you can do with it is transfer photos. I want to use the SD Card for additional storage and the transfer of files. Listen up Apple software team.

Will I buy one? My heart says yes, but my tech mind asks “What about version 2?” for hardware updates such as the camera. The next major OS update (OS 4.0?) will certainly influence me.

Who am I kidding? Heart, let’s me and you go down to the Apple Store.