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iPad? First Thoughts

I was hoping that AppleĀ  (Steve Jobs) would resurrect the iBook moniker as the name of the new Apple Tablet, but this was not to be. Apple did, however, revive the use of the name for the eBook feature to be rolled out with the device. A few crumbs to be thankful for.

OK, let’s get past the obvious rolling of the eyes and hushed snickers that “iPad” bring to mind (Thanks Madd TV) and move onto my first impressions.

Features I like

  • The Price
  • The User Interface
  • 3G as an option, not a requirement
  • 64 GB version
  • iPhone App compatibility
    A lot of personal investment here.
  • iWork Apps
    A first glimpse at new iPad-specific applications.
  • Full sized virtual keyboard
  • Bluetooth device support
  • The accessories
  • Oh yes, the Price

Features it needs

  • A Video-capable CAMERA!
    Apple, what are you thinking? I want to Skype, video chat, etc. I think I need a CAMERA for this.
  • Multi-tasking
    I had visions of running multiple iPhone Apps each in their little iPhone App widget container. I could then copy and paste to my heart’s content. (Hopefully, this will show up for the iPad and iPhone in a later OS update)
  • Multiple User Support
    I don’t want to buy a separate iPad for my wife to use, just let me add her as a user. I also want a “Guest” account where the user I lend the iPad to can do little or no harm (unless he drops it on the floor)
  • SD Card support
    I know there’s a plug-in SD Card adapter, but the tech specs seem to indicate that all you can do with it is transfer photos. I want to use the SD Card for additional storage and the transfer of files. Listen up Apple software team.

Will I buy one? My heart says yes, but my tech mind asks “What about version 2?” for hardware updates such as the camera. The next major OS update (OS 4.0?) will certainly influence me.

Who am I kidding? Heart, let’s me and you go down to the Apple Store.

What Do We Want from an Apple Tablet?

As the temperature cools down, the news around the release of the long-rumored Apple Tablet heats up.

Sites around the internet are buzzing with tidbits of information that can be arranged in a way to predict the impending release (MacRumors & 9to5Mac lead the way), but i am more interested in what the new Tablet will bring to us functionally rather than when it will arrive or what the name will be.

There has been speculation that the Tablet will be an overgrown iPod Touch or will be targeted to the burgeoning eReader market. I hope that the Tablet provides more than these limited areas of function.

Some of the features I look for, in no particular order of precedence, include:

  • Multi-tasking
    Most people need the ability to execute multiple programs. Multi-tasking is a must. Hopefully, multi-tasking support will also appear in a later release of the iPhone software as well.
  • RAM
    Apple needs to push the RAM toward the 1.0 Gigabyte level.
  • Storage
    On board storage needs to be a least 64 GB. Recent enhancements to NAND appears that this should be a lock.
  • Operating System
    A variant of Mac OS X. More capable than the iPhone OS.
  • iPhone App support
    Support for iPhone Apps either natively or via an embedded emulator.
  • Platform Software Freedom
    The ability to install software by means other than being tethered to iTunes. Treat the Tablet as a Mac, not a phone.
  • Multi-touch
    We are now spoiled by the intuitive touch interface provided by the iPhone. This UI is now “required” for the Tablet. We need the “pinch” and “swipe” motions we have become accustomed to.
  • Input/Output
    I need to be able to plug in a USB device and, hopefully, a media card.
  • Wireless Networking
    802.11n Wi-Fi, full Bluetooth support and a wired RF-45 connection. Provide 3G as a option. Not all of us want to pay for an additional Data Plan.
  • eReader
    eReader functionality with support for Text-to-Speech for those of us with low-vision difficulties.
  • Accessibility
    Integration of Mac OS Universal Access capability

These are just a few items. What features would you like to see in the new Apple Tablet?